Monday, August 10, 2009

Cabinet sketches

The Doug-the-carpenter is currently building our cabinets and has provided some drawings we can share with you before the real things are installed (in a few weeks, I hope). This is the north side of the kitchen, with the refrigerator on the far left in the big empty space:
This is the east side, with the stove in the center. The doorway to the front hall and the side view of one of the north wall cabinets are on the far right.
This is the view of the south wall, which has the doorway into the dining room. We will have a small counter top on the left side and a floor-to-ceiling unit on the right side.

Here are the various views of the cabinets that will be under the island.
These plans look great and we can't wait to how great the actual cabinets look!

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